Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Cammie Cut Offs

I feel like posting to the Clark Creek Blog tonight, partly because Meredith linked to us and we have to put out something for any company that might come knocking and also because home improvement frenzy time is almost upon me. Every August, my wife takes the boys and goes back East for a few weeks to visit family. I work four day weeks in the summer time, so with a few vacation days thrown in here and there, I can usually accomplish more in that short time than I might in the rest of the year combined.

This year I have almost no money to spend on home improvement, but that’s OK, seeing as there is plenty that needs doing that will require only a fraction of a cent’s worth of water gone up in sweat and plenty of elbow grease. The main goal will be to finish the upstairs project room. Long has it lingered. Deep runs my shame. I have all the materials I need to finish sanding sealing the floor and enough pine paneling to finish the last bunk. Thankfully I learned sealing the boy’s room that many of the slight imperfections I spent hours sanding out look interesting and add character to the floor when seen from under several layers of seal (polyurethane, not sea mammal).

Other than that, I would like to seal the floor in the woodstove room (1950s oak shorts), and finally finish the railings on the back of the deck. I can’t afford to buy more 2x2’s currently but I should be able to fashion something more or less toddler proof with what I have. Maybe I’ll even rip down some 2x2s from the scrap sixes I have.

I feel like a kid going into summer vacation.