Saturday, November 04, 2006

Terminé construyendo la mesa

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I finished the table this morning with a layer of padded vynel table cloth, covered by the boy's train track table cloth from his birthday party last year (Neither were my idea Keefer-san). The vynel should give enough padding to the corners (which I also rounded pretty well with the belt sander) to keep little faces and bellies from getting injured upon impact, while not being too padded on top so as to prevent trains from choo choo'ing and pencils from drawing.

Feeling comfortably sore today from my run two days ago and a trip to the gym yesterday. Another run is probably called for this afternoon.

Still not writing paper.....

Stout II

Stout II
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Mmmm, stout in the pot....

My goal is to have this stout and a pilsner in the bottle and sufficiently aged to go in Christmas baskets if they turn out to be tasty. I might also do an IPA if I get time. Crafty time is precious, though, and I want to spend some of what I have out in the studio, making more Christmas presents. Crafty!

I'm supposed to be writing a 20 page paper right now. The wife and kids have left me alone for this express purpose and what am I doing? Brewing beer in the kitchen - ah the procrastination...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Under two hour project

made by Dad
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The toddler wants to sit in a chair at the big person table now instead of sitting in his feeding station (which we just set on the floor). This is a problem because of the high stools we have and his potential for plummiting from said stool to certain death or at least injury. So, I made him this little table. It isn't much to look at, but I made it from scraps on hand in less than two hours.